What If Fuller House Was A Horror Movie?

Photo: Photofest.
The trailer for Netflix's Full House reboot, Fuller House, probably evokes feelings of nostalgia for a sitcom you watched when you were younger. But what if the flash forward in the Tanners' lives took a much darker turn? ScreenCrush has recut the Fuller House trailer as if it were a horror movie — and to be honest, the result is pretty convincing. The trailer doesn't feature any of the cast members other than Comet the dog, which makes the horror version even creepier. Who's opening the door to the house? Comet's presence in the original Fuller House trailer has already raised questions among fans, too. The golden retriever in the new trailer looks remarkably similar to the beloved Comet from the original Full House — but Buddy, the dog who played the original Comet (as well as Air Bud), died in 1998 after suffering from cancer. Fans are freaking out about "Comet 2.0" in the Fuller House trailer — Twitter users wondered what happened to Comet and whether the new retriever is Comet's son. Whoever "Comet 2.0" is, he's the protagonist in both the original and the horror versions of the trailer. Check out the creepy Fuller House spoof, below. Fuller House hits Netflix on February 26.

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