Think You're A Bieber Fan? Not Compared To This Woman

Photo: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.
Even the biggest Belieber might be a little overwhelmed by how much this woman adores the Canada-born singer.

Twenty-two-year-old Gabrielle Newton-Bieber — yep, she changed her name in solidarity with the "Baby" singer — isn't just obsessed with Justin's musical canon. She purports to being "in love" with him and also claims to sleep with a cardboard cutout of the star at night.

Newton-Bieber also has a habit of referring to the blond-haired sensation as her "husband," according to an interview she gave to the BBC. Oh, and she has five tattoos dedicated to him. She's planning to get a sixth in honor of his most recent album, Purpose.

"Honestly, if I met him I would probably just burst into tears," the Nottinghamshire, England, native told her local paper. "I do think if I won the lottery I would probably end up stalking him, finding where he's living and move there."

Yikes. There's a fine line between superfandom and slightly scary obsession. We're not sure which side of it this particular Bielieber is on.

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