The Top Ads Of 2015 Will Make You Feel All The Things

Sitting through the gate-keeping ads before YouTube videos, it can be easy to wish that commercials would just disappear forever. But the truth is that there are still agencies and brands crafting artful, game-changing spots that do exactly what great advertising is meant to do: make you feel something in such a way that drives your thoughts and actions.

Adweek pulled together its annual list of top commercials — and we have to say, these 10 promos truly knocked it out of the park. Teaming with agency Watts of Tokyo, cosmetics brand Shiseido powerfully challenged gender stereotypes. Wieden + Kennedy's Nike spot, "Short a Guy," brings every sports-obsessed kid's fantasy to life. Leo Burnett created what is basically a mini Pixar movie (complete with requisite weeping) for Spanish viewers. And then there's a compelling segment addressing gun violence that we should probably be screening every hour, on the hour in America.

Oh, and did we mention there are cute animals being cuddle buddies? Yep, advertising in 2015 had it all. Check out the top 10 spots in the slides ahead.

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