The 17 Wackiest, Most Surprising Food Moments Of 2015

The internet (especially its food-related corners), is land of the quirky and sometimes downright weird. In 2015, there were many news stories that, whether good or bad, we just couldn't believe. From the very first edible coffee cup, to the very last anti-Starbucks tweet, there was plenty to go around.

Some made us roll our eyes, like the scrutiny of Hillary Clinton's Chipotle order. Some made us cringe (like not one, but two vermin-related incidents). And some just made us want to hide under our beds (we're talking about a certain oddly colored hamburger bun and its, ahem, side effects).

But from the ridiculous to the ridiculously overblown, they all kept us laughing throughout the year. Ahead, find our favorites, and here's to even more of the unexpected in 2016.

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