This Service Will Anonymously Text Your Friends Justin Bieber Lyrics

Jim Smeal/REX Shutterstock
If it’s not too late to say sorry, you can text your ex (or anyone with a working US phone number) a series of Bieber lyrics from a random number for just a dollar. Technically, you can always do that for free, but using the service Bieber Bomb will have the texts sent from anonymous number. For an extra dollar, the conversation can be sent to you in secret. And, for $2.50, you can text three people. You get the idea. They’ll probably be like, “What do you mean?” and then guess what? The Bieber Bomb will text right back? “What do you mean?” With any luck that can go on for a few texts before they throw their phone through a window. Ideally, you send one of these to someone when they’re sitting with you so you can watch them getting increasingly upset at the Bieber texts. But maybe if they’re a Belieber, they’ll know instantly and fall in love with the Bieber Bomber from afar. If it’s your significant other, maybe they’ll even leave you for the Bieber Bomber because the text bot is the only one that truly understands them. Maybe the Bieber Bot will ruin your life, and crush your SO's dreams when they find out that there is no true love and that they’ve just fallen in love with a robot. This is exactly like the plot of the movie Her but more brutal and more real. Technology hasn’t turned on anyone this badly since DJ Khaled got lost at sea on his jetski.

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