Mark Zuckerberg Shares His First Daddy-Daughter Photo

Photo:Joan Cros/NurPhoto/REX Shutterstock
Mark Zuckerberg is taking daddy duty (and doody) seriously! Yesterday afternoon, he posted an adorable photo of himself changing the diaper on his brand-new daughter, Max. The caption reads, “One more down, thousands to go.”

One more down, thousands to go.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, December 11, 2015

Zuck is clearly not the type of dad who’s put off by dirty diapers. The announcement of his extended paternity leave indicated that he intended to be an involved father right from the start, and this photo is only the most recent (and adorable) bit of corroborating evidence. That said, we doubt that diaper number 1,789 will get such a heartwarming capture-the-moment photo. Anyone who’s ever changed a baby will know that by diaper number 10, you’re just counting down the days to potty training.

Our favorite thing about this photo? The knowing smile on baby Max’s face. This is one baby who knows exactly what she’s doing. We have to say, those cheeks are pretty good, too.

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