The True Story Behind The Latest Starbucks Controversy

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Update: The Starbucks polar bear cookie controversy is even more ridiculous than we originally thought. According to a Starbucks rep, the polar bear cookies in question haven't been sold at Starbucks locations since 2010. This year you can munch on adorable snowmen cookies (pictured left), which definitely look like they're wearing scarves. So we can all officially move on to the next internet controversy, whatever it may be. This story was originally published December 11, 2015. The internet is freaking out over a Starbucks holiday item again. But, this time it has nothing to do with holiday cups and everything to do with cookies. Polar bear cookies, to be exact. Starbucks' polar bear cookies aren't a new phenomenon, but this year the sweets come with a red scarf instead of a blue one. On first glance you wouldn't think changing the color of a cookie scarf would have any real consequences, but if you look at the cookies from a certain angle you might notice something a little strange. According to People, Starbucks customers around the web have pointed out that the red scarves sort of look like the polar bear has had its neck slashed. The morbid theory is once again causing holiday-themed outrage. While we can see what people are talking about in photos from that specific angle, we're going to go out on a limb and say Starbucks isn't ruining (or trying to ruin) Christmas. We highly doubt the chain didn't purposely decide to design dead polar bears. And if we had to guess, we're betting the blue scarves will be back next year. Check out some what the internet has to say on the subject below:

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