The iFlask Is The ONLY Holiday Gift We Want This Year

Photo: Courtesy of Weko Group.
All of our holiday gifting dilemmas have officially been solved. We've found the only gift worth giving (well at least to the adult friends in our lives who drink) and it's called the iFlask.

You might be wondering what an iFlask is. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a flask disguised to look like an iPhone. So while everyone will thinking your holding onto your device like the rest of the world, you'll actually be in possession of some very discreet booze. This thing truly looks like an iPhone, that is until you start pouring.

The iFlask is currently available for purchase on Design Taxi for the discounted price of $15.99. (Which, if you ask us, is totally worth it for the cool points.) Not only does it hold five ounces of alcohol, but it also features an emergency bottle opener.

So go ahead, order one for your secret Santa and WIN the holidays. Just, maybe don't get it for your boss. (The Daily Dot)

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