Ben Affleck Got A Giant Back Tattoo Of A Mythological Creature

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/REX Shutterstock
Could it be that Ben Affleck has seen Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix one too many times? Or, at least, maybe his tattoo artist has? From the looks of photos snapped on the set of his latest movie, Live by Night, Affleck has a really gigantic tattoo of a phoenix. The thing is seriously huge, and we thought it might be temporary adornment for the film. But it is not. A source confirmed to Us Weekly that the colorful, flying creature is there to stay. Permanently. Forever. The phoenix, with its wings outstretched, spans the width of the actor's back, from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. It is mostly yellow, with a blue and red outline. There also seems to be another animal inked on his lower back; you can just see its claws through the opening of a hospital gown Ben's sporting in the photos (only a costume for the movie — don't worry). The phoenix represents rebirth, and new beginnings. Affleck wouldn't be the first celebrity to commit to a tattoo that might be regrettable one day. But considering Affleck's current non-marital status, the design representing reinvention probably means a to him. New ink, new Ben. See the photos over at Us Weekly.

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