Meet The Piecaken’s Christmas-y Cousin: The PieLogen

As we learned last month, the Piecaken is the stuff of Thanksgiving dessert legend. And for the first time ever, it was available for pickup in New York City this year, thanks to The David Burke Group via executive pastry chef Zac Young. Now, the makers of the Piecaken are back, but this time with a Christmas-themed mashup that will make your average buch de noel look like amateur hour. It features a bottom layer of toffee pecan pie, followed by an entire eggnog cheesecake, with a chocolate caramel yule log delicately placed on top. And, that's not all. The whole thing is kept together with layers of chocolate buttercream frosting. If you're already full from the ham, sides, and other Christmas fare, there's no doubt that the PieLogen will probably send you over the end. But, we're thinking it will be worth it. If you want the PieLogen at your Christmas party, they are available for purchase for a whopping $65 a pop. The other catch is that you have to pick it up in Manhattan. You could also always try assembling your own, or you know, just stick to good old-fashioned Christmas cookies.

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