Brie Larson Had The Perfect Response To Being Called An "It Girl"

Brie Larson isn't into labels, especially vague, barely defined ones like "it girl." When Larson was asked on CBS Sunday Morning what she thought of the title, which has been applied to her since her role in Room, she deadpanned, "What is 'it'?"

She went on to ask, "Who was 'it' before 'it?' And when does 'it' go away? When did I get 'it?' Who's going to take 'it' away?" She's obviously aware that no matter how talented you are, adoration from critics, or any title they've bestowed upon you, can be quickly taken away.

She also is staying pretty chill about the intense Oscar buzz around her performance in Room. Though critics have called her everything from a contender to a sure thing, Larson claims she doesn't think about it. She went so far as to say that fantasizing about an acceptance speech this early in awards season is, "like planning your fantasy wedding when you don't even have a boyfriend." Though, if you carry that metaphor through, she might just be confessing she has a Pinterest board full of Oscar-statue-ready shelves.
Opener Photo: MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock.

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