Robyn’s New Video Is Sleepover-Meets-Rave

If there’s any pop star on Earth we’d go to a psychedelics-enhanced slumberparty-meets-rave with, it’s Robyn. The Swedish pop star and perma-pixie teamed up with La Bagatelle Magique for “Love Is Free” (featuring Maluca), a house track full of pop potential.

The visually stimulating new vid, like something out of Marie Antoinette-via-Sofia Coppola’s modern dream house, launched on i-D yesterday.

In an interview with i-D, Robyn and co. opened up about their collaborative creative process for the video, directed by the iconic LA-based underground artists and director SSION. Inspirations ranged from The Truman Show — the setup was all about “breaking down the fourth wall,” Robyn says — to dissociative, hyper-real yet disintegrative experiences. It’s also an understated tribute to the late producer Christian Falk, who worked with Robyn and La Bagatelle Magique before he sadly passed from pancreatic cancer in 2014.

Filmed in an old porn studio in the San Fernando Valley, highlights include Robyn’s baby-blue corset styled with oversized pajama shirt — très Vetements — and a seemingly limitless supply of cupcakes. Also, a bee, whose determination to ruin said cupcakes is quite the feat of insect theater. (Bees be damned. We’ll eat those cupcakes.)


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