This Color Changing Cake Is Pure Magic

Optical illusions were all the rage in 2015. Remember the blue and black or gold and white dress debate that flooded the Internet? Now there's a new dress: the magical color changing cake created by YouTuber CharlotteSometimes.

The sheet cake appears to be changing colors in the video, as it spins. On one end, it's pink, but the rest of the cake is a variety of colors, including red, orange, and yellow. All of the colors fade into each other like a beautiful rainbow. As the cake turns, the colors change. We have to know, how did CharlotteSometimes make this hypnotic cake?
It's an optical illusion, of course. One Reddit user, Mellor88, explained that the cake is a moving image.

"The surface is like a zig-zag. All sides facing left are colored with the first set of colors, and all side facing right colored the opposite. The color you see depends on where you stand," Mellor88 wrote.

Consider our minds blown.

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