Baby Tries Bacon On Christmas Morning —& His Reaction Is Priceless

I don't remember the first time I tried bacon. But if I felt as a child the same way I feel about it now, I'm guessing that first taste was glorious. Luckily for one baby named Easton (and for us), his first porky experience was caught on camera. Not only will his parents be able to embarrass him with his adorable reaction once he hits his teenage years, but the rest of the internet gets to revel in his joy. On Christmas morning Easton got to take his very first bacon-y bite. After chewing for a moment, he then closes his eyes and wisely exclaims, "Bacon!!" We're guessing this translates to a big thumbs up. Another fortuitously wonderful thing about this video is that the little guy is wearing his Christmas jammies for the momentous occasion. Now, the only question is did Santa bring that bacon or did mom make it? (The Daily Dot)

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