Proof That Dating Is Confusing, No Matter How Old You Are

Age may make you wiser, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll better understand the comedy of errors that is dating. Need proof? Watch 29 women talk candidly about their respective generations' experience with courtship.

As part of Refinery29's "Middle School To Middle Ages" video series, we talked to eight generations of women, from elementary school to senior. It turns out that a crucial part of dating — defining the relationship — never really seems to get any easier. Nobody knows what "hooking up" means, or how to know of you're just "hooking up," "hanging out," "talking," "getting drinks," or actually dating.

One woman in the video asks, "At 40, do you say 'boyfriend?'" A woman in her senior years, who was sleeping with her partner, struggled with the same thing.

To see these women tackle more dating issues, from texting to finding The One, watch the video above, and find solace in the generational sisterhood.

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