Be Extra Careful If You’re Buying Whole Foods Gift Cards Online

Photo: Courtesy of Whole Foods.
Gift cards are everyone's favorite last-minute holiday present. But after we found out about a scam issue that Whole Foods has been having, we're seriously rethinking how we purchase them. NBC reports that Whole Foods customers in Virginia have been falling victim to a credit card scam. The customers in question purchased their gift cards online and not directly from the Whole Foods website. "Unfortunately, I think the holidays is one of those times where scammers come out and it becomes a little bit more prevalent. So you've gotta make sure you're buying things like gift cards from a reputable source," Charlottesville Whole Foods store manager Dave Berger told NBC. In order to avoid getting scammed when buying gift cards — regardless of what they're for — make sure they're from the actual store or official store site. Whole Foods specifically suggests checking for a four-digit pin code on the back of the card and making sure it matches the bar code number. Or, you could always do it the old fashioned way and buy the gift card at an actual supermarket location! (Eater)

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