Your 2016 Haircut Horoscope (& How To Style It!)

We don't have to tell you that your hair says a lot about you, whether you like to keep it short and sleek, long and windblown, or somewhere in-between. Some even say that the cut you choose can have a meaningful impact on how you act and feel. (Anyone who's ever chopped his or her long hair can attest to feeling differently after the major cut.) So, if you're looking for a new style for 2016, why not pick one based on your zodiac sign?

We tapped R29 resident astrologers the AstroTwins for their help — and, it turns out, it's the perfect year for hair reinvention. "Most of the signs will be going through a very out-of-character year for 2016," the AstroTwins' Ophira Edut tells us. "It’s definitely a year to mix it up and try something that isn’t typical of your sign."

Of course, we couldn't recommend just any old cuts, so we called in the pros, too. Ahead, you'll find 12 cuts from top hairstylists on both coasts, including Ramirez | Tran's Anh Co Tran, Hairstory's Wes Sharpton, Nine Zero One's Nikki Lee, and more. These fresh and modern chops will work for any hair type and texture, and the AstroTwins have expertly matched them to the proper signs.

Click through for the haircut that will enliven, strengthen, and complement your sign in 2016 — plus tips for styling it.
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Photo: Via @hairstorystudio.
The AstroTwins Say: "Aries has Jupiter in their sixth house, which has to do with health and wellness, fitness, and this sort of 'no-nonsense, getting shit done' year, but they still have to keep their Aries edge. Aries may be exercising a lot, then going directly from the workout right to taking classes or teaching, or doing public speaking. They have to stand out, but they also need something super-easy so they can keep on the go, while still looking cool."

How To Get It: Sharpton created this cut, which you can get by asking for "a bowl cut with soft edges." He says: "It's striking, but softened and less obvious." The trick to styling it? Tie an old T-shirt or scarf around your wet hair so it dries flat, then rake styling balm through your strands before combing them into place with a fine-tooth comb.
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Photo: Via @hairstorystudio.
The AstroTwins Say: "Taurus has Jupiter in their fifth house, which is Leo-ruled, so it’s all about 'big hair, don’t care' and changing colors this year. Taurus is going through a very expressive, bold, dramatic year; everything will be bigger and more colorful. Kylie Jenner...changes her hair color regularly, so think about this as being your Kylie Jenner phase, without the bad Snapchats."

How To Get It: Sharpton instructs anyone who wants to score this look to ask for "a raw bob." In other words, opt for a classic bob length with ends that are choppy and layers that are a bit asymmetrical. As for the style? "It was achieved by softly blowing it dry and then spraying with Undressed," says Sharpton.
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Photo: Via @ninezeroone.
The AstroTwins Say: "Gemini has Jupiter in their fourth house of classic femininity. While Gemini women aren’t always known for gravitating towards very feminine styles, this year...they may want to play with their femininity in different ways. This is a good look to let their inner cheerleader come out."

How To Get It: Nine Zero One hairstylist Shaylee Blatz calls this cut "a blunt, long bob" and notes that "it's important to take the weight out of the hair, even if the look you are going for is blunt, because it allows the hair to move." Light layers in the front are optional, and be sure to let your locks air-dry to release your natural texture, she says. Then, simply add or define the curls around your face using a wand or large iron. Finally, apply Oribe's Après Beach Spray "to give it a more lived-in, piece-y look," she says.
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Photo: Via @wessharpton.
The AstroTwins Say: "Cancer is going through a tomboy, funky phase. They have Jupiter in their third house, which is very eclectic and Gemini-ruled, so it's not only their hair, but also their outfits that will be a little more artistic, trendy, and experimental this year. The third house is a fun, free-spirited place, and a pixie cut gives them the light, playful energy they need this year."

How To Get It: "It's actually a modern version of a Grecian goddess," Sharpton says. "While it’s extremely short, it looks very soft and quite feminine." You can ask for a pixie, but be sure that your stylist keeps the top longer. The length on the top is just shy of an inch and a half, Sharpton notes, which is longer than most classic pixie cuts. Be sure to bring this photo, he says, or your hairstylist could go too short.
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Photo: Via @anhcotran.
The AstroTwins Say: "A lot of Leo women, because it's the lioness sign, like to have a mane of hair, but many Leos will be wearing their hair shorter in 2016. We picked this look for Leo because this is a year when they want to be more traditional and more sophisticated; they want more of a classic look. But don't go too classic; you still need a bit of an edge."

How To Get It: To achieve this look, Tran suggests asking for a "mid-length, below-the-shoulders cut with subtle layers and tapered bangs." He notes that you can easily style it straight or wavy to show off the fringe, and it's best when your stylist adds interior layers to give it a one-length look, while still adding swing.
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Photo: Via @wessharpton.
The AstroTwins Say: "Jupiter is in Virgo, so they’re going through a reinvention year [in which] it’s all about freedom, independence, and assertiveness. It's, 'I don't care what you think' year. A lot of the time, Virgos tend to have that 'fair maiden,' long-hair, girly thing going on, but this is not the year for them to be demure like that. The fierceness of the Virgo is coming out. This is a good look for the Virgo, as they just may chop off their hair this year."

How To Get It: Sharpton calls this look effortless, confident, and simply chic. Ask for a "distressed bob, cut with a razor, which allows for a lot of texture and movement," he says. To style it, work a hair balm or cream through damp strands, air-dry to enhance your natural texture, and add a texturizing spray or dry shampoo throughout to get a lived-in look.
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Photo: Via @nikkilee901.
The AstroTwins Say: "Libra is going into this sort of sleepy, flowy year. Jupiter is going to be in their restful, bohemian 12th house for most of the year. They usually like to be put-together, but Libra's just not going to have the energy for that this year, so they need to be able to feel pretty without having to dry their hair."

How To Get It: Lee says this fresh and long style is great for anyone who "wants a change, but isn't ready for a lob." To score a similar look, ask for long layers with lots of texture at the ends. Use a 1.25-inch curling wand to add random bends, waves, or curls (or define them) to just the mid-lengths of your hair. Leave the ends in their natural state to keep the look soft and not too "done."
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The AstroTwins Say: "Scorpio likes to have a bit of a mysterious thing going on, and these bangs will give them the protection that they want this year. They like to hide, but they’re actually going through a funkier phase so they can definitely use a change for 2016. Scorpio is trending towards more modern, experimental, and trendy styles this year. Jupiter is in their 11th house, which is Aquarius-ruled, so it’s all about being different, eclectic, and edgy. It’s about a slightly rebellious look."

How To Get It: Hairstylist Liz Sustaita gave this soft, A-line bob extra interest by adding sharp, blunt bangs into the mix. To get the look, ask your stylist for a lightly layered bob that's slightly longer in the front and tapered, blunt bangs.
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The AstroTwins Say: "This bob is perfect for Sagittarius. While they tend to be wilder, Sagittarius will be having a more professional year [in which] they’re going to want to present a serious image. They should take a break from the usual messy, wild, free-spirited look they favor and go for something more sleek and structured, or at least a cut that has that as a styling option. They may not always wear it this way, because the Sagittarius can’t be relied on to always do their hair, but they’re going to want to be able to look polished on certain occasions."

How To Get It: This is another cut from Ramirez | Tran hairstylist Sustaita. She notes that you can get a similar chop by asking for a classic, blunt bob with invisible layers to remove any bulk from the hair. This allows the look to appear sharp while still laying flat. A smooth blowout followed by flat-ironing is your best bet for styling.
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Photo: Courtesy of Shai Amiel/ Capella Salon.
The AstroTwins Say: "Capricorn is going to have an adventurous year [in which] they may travel a bit. They’re going to want something funky but uncomplicated, and they’re not going to want to straighten or blowdry their hair. Capricorn is also going through a mermaid phase, so something more goddess-y, like this, is good for them this year. It’s time for them to get in touch with the less structured side of themselves."

How To Get It: Los Angeles hairstylist Shai Amiel created this cut, and notes its hallmark as the short bangs and layers around the face, which will provide effortless movement and an unstructured finish, whether you have these gorgeous natural curls or not. "The overall shape is pretty square to keep the length and thickness towards her ends," says Amiel. The trick to getting that volume? "I kept the bottom as thick as possible to weigh it down and create a very dense, layered look. Then, I ended up releasing most of the bulk on her crown to give her lots of movement," he says.
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The AstroTwins Say: "Aquarius is going through a sexed-up phase right now, so they need to get in touch with their sultry side. They tend to be a sign of friendship, but Aquarius needs to not be so casual this year and start showing their inner vampy side a little more. This cut is vampy but still kind of funky, because Aquarius doesn’t like to be like everyone else."

How To Get It: To score this look, also created by Sustaita, ask your stylist for a lob with long, soft layers. To style, simply air-dry or blowdry, then run a flat iron or curling iron over the mid-lengths to add texture or define your waves or curls.
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The AstroTwins Say: "Pisces has Jupiter in their seventh house, which is all about balance and symmetry. They also have Saturn in their 10th house, which is very structured. A structured, but still feminine style will suit them this year. Pisces will have the patience to do their hair this year... A cut that is very symmetrical is good for them."

How To Get It: For a look similar to the one Sustaita created here, ask your stylist for a blunt, symmetrical A-line cut that is longer in the front. Just how much longer is up to you, but a foolproof place to land is between one and two inches of difference between the front and back. Keep any layers invisible, so as not to take away from the starkness of the cut.
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