J.J. Abrams Says Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is For Moms & Daughters Too

Today in an interview on Good Morning America, J.J. Abrams expressed his hope that it won't just be men filling the theater seats when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits the big screen this month. When George Stephanopoulos asked Abrams who he was most excited to have watch the film, Abrams said he wanted women to go see the upcoming installment. "StarWars was always a boy’s thing, a movie that dads took their sons to," Abrams said, acknowledging that the movie has largely been a boys' club. "And while that's still very much the case, I was really hoping this could be a movie that mothers could take their daughters to as well." Abrams explained that the movie's message of hope and infinite possibility was for young girls and boys alike. "I cannot wait to take my 11-year-old daughter," said Stephanopoulos.

While we love that idea and are happy to hear Abrams encouraging girls, it's hard to know whether episode VII of the interstellar saga is actually geared more toward women at all. What we do know is that it boasts some new badass female stars, including Lupita Nyong'o, Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) and Daisy Ridley as the new central heroine Rey. But the fact that Rey was omitted from the latest action figure collection doesn't bode well for women in the franchise's latest reboot. At least we can be sure we won't be seeing her in the infamously exploitative slave costume from Return of the Jedi, thanks to actress Carrie Fisher who donned the outfit as Princess Leia. Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters Dec. 18.

OPENER IMAGE: Stephen Lovekin/Variety/REX Shutterstock.

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