Pretty Little Liars Season 6, 5 Years Forward Special Episode Recap

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When we last left the Liars, they were packing their bags and leaving for college in the season six mid-season finale. It answered some of our questions, and we finally learned the identity of A. After keeping us guessing for years, and a few too many red herrings, it was about time. Yet, the show's not over. It's returning January 12 after a serious time jump — five years in the future, where the girls have (mostly) all graduated from college. To prepare for the time jump, Pretty Little Liars aired a special episode formatted as interviews between the cast and crew to explain what happened since we last visited Rosewood. Well? We did learn a lot, but it also gave us even more questions. Seriously, can it be January already? Here are the 25 questions we need answers to ASAP: 1. Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) moved to NYC together, and survived all through college. Then she got engaged to someone else. Who is better than Caleb? (Answer: no one.)
2. All the couples broke up. PLL has never had a realistic storyline, yet they are being realistic about the end of high school relationships?
3. Toby (Keegan Allen) inherits a lot of money from when A blew up his house, and buys three acres in Rosewood. A serial killer stalked him all over Rosewood, and he decides to never leave?
4. Emily (Shay Mitchell) has had a hard four years. Her dad died and she quit school. The writers didn't think she'd had enough pain already?
5. Marlene King, the writer and producer of the show, says, "Emily comes back with the biggest secret." What is it?
6. Jason (Drew Van Acker) and Ali (Sasha Pieterse) have been visiting CeCe (Vanessa Ray) in therapy. Has Jason moved past the fact he dated his sister?
7. Is there only one therapist in town? How is the same therapist that treated the girls during their torment of A now treating A?
8. Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) also broke up. It's legally acceptable for them to date now, yet they are finally over? Was the statutory rape aspect the appeal the whole time?
9. Oh, nevermind. Ezra and Aria are working together. How long until they get back together?
10. Ezra and Nicole fell in love, and they allude to the fact Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) may have been murdered. Are we supposed to care about this character we met twice in six years?
11. Ezra will have a lot of scenes this season with bruised knuckles. Can he fight?
12. Ali wants all of her friends to come to CeCe's release and tell the judge they aren't afraid of CeCe anymore. Why aren't they afraid? She was a psychopath that murdered people. Did everyone forget this?
13. How long were the moms in the basement? How did they get out? Why was this addressed, but not answered...?
14. Are we really expected to have moved on from A? What are we supposed to do without end scenes in the lair?
15. Radley Sanitarium is now a hotel. Do they give ghost tours of this hotel? Is Mona (Janel Parrish) the tour guide?
16. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) lives in the Hasting's barn. Why would she want to live in the barn where SO many bad things happened?
17. Apparently be the time they are 21, Ali is a teacher. She was "dead" most of high school, so how did she finish high school and college by the time she was 21? How is she qualified to teach high schoolers?
18. Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna, found the theme song of the show. Does she get part of the royalties for making the song iconic?
19. Why did Hanna spring break with Mona in college? She learned that Mona murdered people without any remorse last time they were together. Why is that OK?
20. STOP. The one couple that is still together is Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and Emily. Paige once tried to drown Emily, how are they now the most functional couple?
21. Mona tried to get a job in CeCe's ward because she is worried about CeCe getting out of the institution. Why is she the only person who is worried about this?!?
22. CeCe goes by Charlotte now. Is that supposed to make her sound nicer?
23. Something happens that keeps the girls all in Rosewood, that the cast is referring to as the "big bad." What or who is it? Why do we have to wait until January to learn the actual plot of the show?
24. They are getting messages from this new "big bad." Why haven't they gone off the grid? They need to get rid of their phones ASAP. As in, right now.
25. The cast said this season is different because it's "life or death." Uhm, what about last time wasn't life or death? They had a murderer chasing them. They were kidnaped and tortured. Eight people they knew were killed between their Sweet 16 parties and their senior prom, and they attended a lot of funerals. If this season is more fatal, BYE EVERYONE. We have almost two months to go before we get answers, but let's all try to figure out in the comments section. I mean, what else are we going to do between now and then?

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