Aaron Carter Defends His Weight, Talks Michael Jackson On Twitter

Former teen idol Aaron Carter had a lot to say on Twitter yesterday. In a series of tweets, Carter shot back at people criticizing his weight, and discussed his relationship with Michael Jackson. Carter — best known from his tween pop days — shared that he has a hiatal hernia and suffers from anxiety. According to Cosmopolitan, Carter first wrote: "The way people talk about my weight is like high school times a million. Yes. I'm skinny right now. I've been very stressed and going thru some shit and felt like I needed to explain myself 'cause so many people are asking me and talking about me being too fucking skinny." Those tweets appear to have been deleted, but others on the subject are still accessible.
Carter also went on a strange tangent about Michael Jackson, initially saying in another deleted tweet that Jackson "passed down the torch to me." The tweet's content has been preserved in various reports: "Remember one very important thing. Michael passed down the torch to me. I never had to ask for him to do that." The singer then began to defend himself against people who called him out for comparing himself to the King of Pop.
Though Carter eventually signed off for the night, tweeting "Bedtime" along with a photo of a dog, he was back at it today, tweeting a longer explanation of his Jackson comments. "It's so sad you guys have no idea what I'm even talking about and turn something so amazing into something so bad," he wrote. He concluded: "Y'all need to chill." He also posted a photo to Instagram with the caption: "Here’s a picture of me and Michael Jackson sharing his birthday cake back in the day. I wish Michael was still around to mentor me in my new music path and sure he would appreciate his influence that I feel is in my new tracks." Carter's most recent album was 2002's Another Earthquake, though in 2014 he launched the "Aaron Carter's Wonderful World" tour.
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