Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Sex In Space, Is Adorably Awkward

We already knew the delights of Neil deGrasse Tyson's inimitable Twitter presence. But after viewing the latest video of a series in which Tyson responds to fan questions to promote his National Geographic show StarTalk, we're even more enamored of the astrophysicist-cosmologist-author. Viewer Ronnie T., like many among us, wants to know: "Is there anything different about having sex in space?" Tyson begins his answer by distinguishing between being in space and being weightless; you can be both in space and in an environment with greater-than-zero gravity, such as a space station. He then goes on to describe the challenges of weightless intimacy: "You need things like straps. There are probably some people who are fully equipped with this anyway — but I'm just saying," he laughs. "You're there, floating in space, and then you move toward someone, and they just sort of bounce off. The movement is preserved; there's no friction." Well done with the subtle bondage reference, Dr. Tyson. Bouncing bodies aren't the only challenge to astronaut sex: As we've written before, in microgravity, blood pools around the head and chest rather than downward (i.e. in the penis or clitoris), making arousal potentially more difficult, though not impossible. Tyson ends his video on a hopeful note: "Bring a lot of leather belts to keep things strapped down, and you'll be just fine," he advises. We'll remember that as we pack for our next intergalactic mission.

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