We Now Have A Scientific Formula For The Perfect Nap

Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Although you shouldn't worry too much about grabbing that afternoon coffee, there are days that call for something stronger. How about actual sleep? A new video from AsapSCIENCE claims that you can, in fact, take a nap that doesn't leave you feeling more drained than you did before you put your head down. Much like with a regular night's sleep, the length of your nap is key. Naps get a bad rap because too often, people sleep for longer than 30 minutes — long enough to fall into stage three or four of their sleep cycle (the deepest stages), and end up with sleep inertia. Instead of waking up refreshed, they feel groggy, zombie-like, and just want to go the heck back to sleep. But a quick nap might benefit more than just your energy levels; nappers who slept until they reached stage-two sleep saw increased productivity, memory, and creativity, among other positive effects. Thanks, Science, for justifying our love of the cat nap. You can check out the full video below. Sweet dreams.

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