Jane The Virgin Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Milestones

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Not enough adult television goes the Sesame Street route of clearly identifying each episode's theme right off the bat. Jane the Virgin does, and I really appreciate that. See, it's even got me rhyming. This week's theme is obviously milestones. When you've got a new baby on your hands, it's an easy and obvious emotional touchstone to put in place. Jane's writers manage to get creative and go above and beyond the usual ones like Mateo's first smile; though, so you don't feel like Elmo is there telling you that "h" is for "happy." Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is dealing with Mateo's milestones, but she's also dealing with monumental occasions of her own. She's starting grad school, which means spending days away from Mateo for the first time. It also means getting grades below a B+ and being told that her stories are first drafts at best. Nobody said grad school was easy, Jane — especially writing programs. Jane is also coping with the recent heartbreak of endng things with Michael (Brett Dier), coupled with having to establish a living trust and coparenting agreement for Mateo. It's all just a lot to take in at once, especially when she realizes that Rafael (Justin Baldoni) will be leaving his son $40 million. Jane doesn't want Mateo to grow up overprivileged and entitled, and she spends a lot of time stressing over how she can prevent a mo' money, mo' problems situation from arising. As the months fly past, though, Jane and Rafael have a more pressing issue on their hands. Mateo has been spending too much time on his back, and he now has to wear a helmet to prevent his skull from flattening out further, which can lead to vision problems. Add to this the fact that Mateo no longer wants to breastfeed, and Jane is feeling woefully inadequate as a mother. Forget the celebratory milestones; Jane is repeatedly reaching occasions no one wants to mark. This time, it's Rafael who acts as the anchor and voice of reason, even when Jane flips out at him while she's sick and has a blocked milk duct. He's there to remind Jane that money wasn't the root of his family's problems; his family members were the real root of the issues. He takes Mateo to Mommy & Me class and learns the intricate choreography to the dances. He brings Mateo to get his helmost so that Jane can go on a writer's retreat with her grad school class. Rafael is Jane's rock in this episode. He's almost too patient, the way he waits for Jane to finally agree to go on a date with him. Yes, he dates someone from the Mommy & Me class for a month while he waits, but he breaks up with her when he realizes that he only wants to be with Jane. Will we ever get another love interest in Jane's universe? When they first showed her hunky grad school professor (Adam Rodriguez), I kind of thought he might be a candidate, but so far their relationship has been mostly adversarial and strictly student/teacher. I guess it would be a milestone: first time Rafael and Jane get together without drama.
Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW.
Elsewhere, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is celebrating a milestone of his own: the last episode of The Passions of Santos. What is he supposed to do now? I'm glad you asked, because as with everything that concerns Rogelio, it's amazing. He wants to produce a telenovela version of Mad Men, that's like "a masterpiece, but fast...a fasterpiece." The fact that no one has ever thought of that portmanteau before really saddens me. It's actually perfect. Unfortunately, Mad Men creator Matt Weiner doesn't think Rogelio's new creation is, so it gets a cease and desist order slapped on it. No matter; there will be another fasterpiece. As for Petra (Yael Grobglas), she's just milestoning all over the place. She convinces Jane to help get her mother (Priscilla Barnes) out of prison. She's suffering from the same severe morning sickness as Kate Middleton. She finally starts seeing a therapist, who's helping Petra realize that she needs to have a more positive outlook on the world. And she's having twin girls! Mazel tov, Petra. Things really do seem to be turning around for you. If only you hadn't been blackmailed into marrying an illegal arms dealer. Oh and Michael? He and his former partner Nadine (Azie Tesfai) are speeding towards Mexico in hopes of doing something with Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan). Just when you think things are going to be fine and Jane and Rafael are going to go on a lovely date and coparent Mateo together; nope, that's not the world in which Jane the Virgin takes place. At least Jane finally got some writing done, I guess.

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