Dunkin’ Donuts Just Released Its Own Holiday Cups

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet during the past few days, you’ve probably noticed that Starbucks has been courting controversy with its seemingly innocuous holiday cups. Some have called the minimalist cups anti-religious, while others simply miss the more decorative cups of years past. Amid the hubbub, competitor Dunkin’ Donuts has released its own holiday cups, which appear to be a direct jab at Starbucks:

JOY ✨ (? @thatgirlshaexo)

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Of course, the supposed response to Starbucks' version seems to be simply good timing. The design must have been in the works for a while, and, it should be noted, is really just a cute update of last year’s. But, coincidence or not, it has certainly bought the coffee purveyors lots of free publicity. As to which cup is more Christmas-friendly? It should be noted that both cups are red and green — the colors most associated with Christmas — and neither coffee chain actually mentions the holiday anywhere on the cup. Maybe it’s time to declare a truce in the cup wars? It's not even Thanksgiving yet.

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