Angelina Jolie’s Best (& Worst) Movie Hairstyles

Is there any doubt that Angelina Jolie will go down in history as one of the most beautiful actresses of all time? There's also little debate about how much the thespian-turned director owes her success in Hollywood to her looks. Yet we've also noticed that in some of her most critically acclaimed, award-garnering roles, she's done something to downplay at least one of her physical assets: her hair.
In her more famous action movies, such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith or The Tourist, Jolie flashes her luxurious brown mane at the world, reveling in her full sex appeal. But every time she gets serious, in a heart-wrenching drama, like A Mighty Heart, or a dark, Oscar-winning descent into mental illness, like Girl, Interrupted, she manipulates her locks into something different. Not necessarily bad (OK, may we never speak of her Gone in 60 Seconds dreads ever again), but not the full Angelina power either. It's like she's got a reverse Samson thing going on here.
We suspect Jolie might be one of the number one proponents of this theory, just based on how she's styled herself in By the Sea, which she directed and stars in alongside husband Brad Pitt. Her '70s-era honey-blonde 'do looks, well, like a normal person's hair, not a movie star's. Here's a brief look back at how her other roles, both loved and hated, relate to her best and worst hairstyles.

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