Demi Lovato Weighs In On The Starbucks Holiday Cup Debacle

Photo: David Fisher/REX Shutterstock.
Coffee isn't the only thing a'brewing at Starbucks these days. This year's annual #RedCup release has stirred up some major controversy. Okay, now that the puns are out of the way, here's the deal: Starbucks debuted its seasonal beverage vessel, just like it does every November. But this year, the cup is devoid of anything decidedly Christmas-y, or really even having to do with winter. That's right: No snowflakes, no reindeer, no nothing. Just a plain red cup with a regular old Starbucks logo slapped on the side. Pretty innocuous, right? WRONG. Apparently, people are really upset about it. The Twitterverse responded with complaints about how the coffee giant really could have snuck in a little bit of holiday spirit, while conservative Christians went so far as to suggest that the Seattle-based roasters are trying to erase Christmas entirely. And now Demi Lovato is weighing in, too. "Why doesn't @Starbucks at least make the cups about the actual season: winter? (snowflakes, snowmen..etc.)," she tweeted today, echoing the complaints of some naysayers.
Lest you wonder why Demi Lovato felt the need to weigh in on the great mug debate, she's basically an amateur mug expert: They are her favorite dish, remember?
But in the end, even the mug lovin' singer thinks that the #RedCup debate has been blown a little out of proportion.
Fair point — but that doesn't mean we're going to stop talking about the mug madness any time soon. Keep the #RedCup opinions coming!

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