Jay Z’s Tour Rider Shows His Love For Blue Ivy

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We’ve all heard about insane tour riders. Van Halen demands that there be no brown M&Ms in their bowls backstage. Katy Perry demands that her fridge have a clear door, that she have a variety of flowers, and that her driver not interact with her or anyone else while in her presence. A lot of tour riders can seem unreasonable, but often artists have good reasons for asking for those specific concessions. (Van Halen’s brown M&Ms came about because the band had an elaborate lighting set-up and needed to be sure that the concert producers read the fine print — lest the stage lights crush the band onstage.) So when Jay Z comes out with a Blue Ivy-centric rider, we can’t help but smile. TMZ has details of Jay’s rider, and it’s full of things that all new parents wish they could have for their child. Jay asks that hotel staff cover all electrical outlets, sharp corners, and edges. He says lamps, statues, and other breakables be taken out of the room. And every room must be stocked with organic whole milk — Blue Ivy’s favorite drink. Jay also asks for his own Ace of Spades champagne, a 71 degree temperature, and three $80-a-piece Mayan tuberose-scented candles. He also asks that nobody vacuum near his room and that staff shouldn’t request concert tickets should they wish to “avoid embarrassment.” We think that all sounds pretty reasonable. Stars, they’re just like us... if we got everything we wanted and could send to-do lists ahead to every hotel we stayed at.

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