Carey Mulligan Thinks The Hollywood Wage Gap Discussion Has To Get Broader

Photo: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.
Carey Mulligan is ready to talk about the Hollywood pay gap, but she doesn't want the conversation to stop there. While promoting Suffragette, Mulligan was asked about the Hollywood wage gap between men and women that has been highlighted recently by celebs like Jennifer Lawrence. "I agree there's an imbalance and it needs to be corrected and I think it's good that people are speaking out about it," Mulligan explained when asked by a CNN reporter where she stood on the issue. "But I think people listen to what you have to say in this industry because you're well known and therefore you have a platform. I think if we're going to talk about the pay gap in Hollywood, it has to have a wider impact, it has to be about the rest of society. It can't just be about actors and actresses. It needs to be about how women are paid in the boardroom. It needs to have a broader impact than just this conversation." Mulligan makes a good point about the need to make the discussion about wage equality for all women. And that needs to extend beyond the boardroom, to the kind of low paid jobs where women's voices are most likely to be ignored, or silenced.

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