Kylie Jenner Tweets Star Turn In Tyga's New Video, "Dope'd Up"

Last night, Kylie Jenner shared boyfriend Tyga’s scary new video for “Dope’d Up” with her 1.2 million Twitter followers — and it's a side of the couple we've never seen before.

Clearly inspired by Michael Jackson's "Thriller," the video shows the couple, clad in varsity jackets (perhaps they lettered at the school of Kris Jenner?), heading home after a scary movie when they find themselves being chased by zombies and other assorted scary monsters inside a house of horrors.

While this is Jenner's second appearance in a video with Tyga, it's notably different from "Stimulated." While Jenner and Tyga aren't likely to win any acting awards anytime soon, the five minute-plus video shows a lighter, sillier side of the couple.

If you consider turning into a flesh-eating monster silly, that is.
Photo: Vevo/Tyga

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