Amy Schumer Gets Very Personal About Sex At BAFTA Brittania Awards

Photo: Rex USA
Last night at the Beverly Hilton, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) handed out six Britannia Awards to Meryl Streep, Sam Mendes, Harrison Ford, Orlando Bloom, Amy Schumer, and Late Late Show host James Corden for excellence in their respective fields, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Amy Schumer, upon receiving her Charlie Chaplin award, started talking about anal sex in the most relatable way. "We work so hard to look so pretty for men, but you guys are disgusting. You put the most sensitive part of your body where we shit," she said. "And we're like, 'Should I get French tips?' No one cares! No one cares about your highlights." Nailed it.

Leading up to that extra special moment, Orlando Bloom accepted the Britannia Humanitarian Award for his work with UNICEF, and spoke about the organization's work to improve the lives of children throughout the globe. It was a poignant moment, coming on the heels of presenter Robert Downey Jr. teasing Bloom about Kendall Jenner. Bloom assured the crowd he does not know Jenner but added, "If anyone's got her number, I'd love it." (Anyone else shipping the idea of "Blenner" right now?)

Meryl Streep took the stage as well, to receive the Stanley Kubrick award for excellence in film. "I'm honored to receive an award that's been given to a distinguished group of men and," she paused, "men, for a century."

An evening of "firsts," if we've ever heard one.

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