Justin Bieber Walks Out Of A Bizarre Spanish Radio Interview

Photo: Comi/Terenghi/Rex/REX USA.
To promote his new album, Purpose, which comes out on November 13, Justin Bieber has been making the interview rounds. This week, he put in an appearance on Spanish radio station 40 Principales. This particular meeting of the minds and mics didn't go very smoothly, though. When Bieber sat down for the discussion, it became clear pretty quickly that only one of the three hosts spoke any English, and the guy who was supposed to be serving as the translator had only a tentative grasp on the singer's native tongue. As if that wasn't awkward enough, the line of questioning veered from the offensive to the just plain weird. "You are 21, you are like a superstar, why you say sorry? For what? For being a superstar?" one host asked Bieber in the first few minutes. They also wanted to know if Biebs dresses himself. (For anyone wondering: Yes, that seems to be the case.) The interview went on for nine minutes total, and at the end, the trio of hosts asked the "What Do You Mean" singer if he might help them make "a crazy video to break the internet" for their "hundreds of millions of followers." At that point, Bieber — who had put in his earbuds a few minutes prior — decided he was over it. He left the recording room and effectively ended the interview. The moral of this story is: Justin Bieber doesn't speak Spanish, and if he's going to make a viral video that breaks the internet, it'll be on his own terms. (Daily Mail)

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