Taylor Swift Dressed As A Teletubby On Instagram

It wouldn’t be a major national holiday without a Taylor Swift update, and the singer did not disappoint when she posted a childhood Halloween costume on Instagram. The singer dressed as a Teletubby (a Taylortubby, anyone?) at an unidentified childhood age. She captioned the photo, “When you dress as the yellow teletubby for Halloween, but it's before Teletubbies got huge so all the kids at school ask you why you're dressed as a yellow pregnant alien.” In case you were wondering, the yellow Teletubby is named Laa-Laa. She’s distinguished by her curly antenna, her sweetness, love of dance, and willingness to help others. The Teletubbies were notable for inciting controversy around Tinky Winky, the purple teletubby. Televangelist Jerry Falwell speculated that because he was purple and carried a handbag, he might be “covert homosexual symbol.” In fact, Polish Ombudsman for Children Ewa Sowińska launched a 2007 investigation into whether or not Tinky Winky could “promote homosexuality.” Sowińska cleared Winky of any covert gay agenda. What a wonderful world we live in. We’d also like to point out that she’s holding a smaller ‘tubby in the picture. In this scenario, is she holding a toy of herself? Is that kind of her child? Is it a voodoo doll of another Teletubby? Questions abound. Unfortunately, answers do not.

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