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Was This Televisa Host Sexually Harassed On-Air — Or Part Of A Hoax?

Image: Courtesy Tania Reza/Facebook.
Televisa co-hosts have been let go from the network after a bizarre sexual harassment incident played out on-air. At first look, it seemed as though Enrique Tovar was plainly making inappropriate passes at his co-host, Tania Reza, during an episode of A Toda Maquina. The below video shows Tovar pretending to whip Reza, as well as grabbing at her breasts and body. He's also coming on to her verbally, and continues his advances until Reza gets fed up: She calls him out, and he then says he's not harassing her, at which point Reza begins to remove her mic and heads offstage. Tovar, for his part, turns to the audience and says that Reza doesn't like him, before saying that she must be "a little hormonal." If you think that's awful, you might be even more digusted by what happened next: Apparently, Tovar and Reza were compelled to come forward and explain what happened. Their original confession indicated that the sexual harassment was actually part of a larger hoax designed to stir the pot, and catapult the clip into a viral video. Well, that part worked — only not exactly as planned. What's actually getting the duo headlines is that following the confession to Televisa, Reza recanted her statement, saying that, in fact, Tovar was truly sexually harassing her on-air. She shared via her Facebook page that she was pressured by the network to say the whole thing was cooked up to generate attention, and that she and Tovar were independently responsible. Reza did not responded to questions from Refinery29 by the time of publication, but her message — filtered through Facebook's translation — clearly indicates that she felt like a confession to the alleged "hoax" was coerced.


Posted by Tania Reza on Monday, October 26, 2015
In the official statement released on its site, Televisa indicated that if Reza's story differed from the original account, she should reach back out to them to help "support" the company through the "process of a complaint," ostensibly against Tovar. Ultimately, though, there are only two things that are crystal clear about this incident. The first is that something has gone awry; and the second, the line where sexual harassment begins and ends is blurrier than ever — at least on Televisa.

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