Victoria’s Secret Is Relaunching Your Favorite Middle-School Scents

Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret.
It may not be Thursday yet, but let's throw it back for a minute. Think middle school: What was the overwhelming scent that lingered in the hallways, even after everyone had settled into their classes? It was Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon for a hot second, of course, but we're pretty sure there was another fragrance that scented your coming-of-age. Let us refresh your memory: It had notes of cherry blossom and peach, and went by the name of Victoria's Secret Love Spell — and now, it's getting a modern and more mature update. The brand has updated both the formula and the bottle design for Love Spell — and other classic scents, like Vanilla Lace and Mango Temptation. It's also introducing new babies like Rush (with notes of juicy clementine and crystal amber) and Exotic (an iris-and-warm-sea-salt blend). The most exciting part of this update? The 19 reimagined oldies and five newbies are all formulated for mixing and matching. They're available in mist form (both regular and mini) and as 24-hour-lasting lotions, so you can layer them on your skin as you please to create individualized scents. The VS Fantasies Fragrance Studio launched this month, so you can try out layering the scents in person in any of its stores. "The concept and tagline here is 'Mix two, make it you!' — we want [our customer] to know that there is something for everyone, and you can personalize your scent not only by layering them, but by mixing up the order in how you layer them," vice president of product development Mark Knitowski​ told So head on over to your local VS to mix, blend, and play with the different scents. Or you can wear one solo for some serious flashback-fragrance action (and nostalgia galore). Related Content:
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