Jane The Virgin Season 2 Episode 3: Jane’s Benediction

Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW.
"Chapter Twenty-Five" of Jane the Virgin is all about decisions. Will Michael (Brett Dier) still be Mateo's godfather after everything that happened between him and Jane (Gina Rodriguez)? Can Jane really leave Mateo after just three weeks to go back to grad school? Who kidnapped Luisa (Yara Martinez)? Does Rogelio (Jaime Camil) still have feelings for his first ex-wife Luciana (Kate del Castillo) — and can he work with her on The Passions of Santos without succumbing to his passions for Luciana? What will Petra (Yael Grobglas) do about the baby with which she inseminated herself? Some of these decisions come with clear deadlines...especially Petra's. Also, nothing Petra does is drama-free, so there's a heaping dose of that hanging onto the decision as well. She presents Jane and Rafael with three options: an abortion, a quickie one-night stand with a Russian oligarch who she could then pass off as the baby's father, or co-parenting with them, because Mateo will be her and Rafael's baby's half-sibling. Nothing is simple when it comes to Petra. In the end, Jane decides to be the bigger person and co-exist with Petra, even it means Petra staying in Miami. In addition to her decision to co-parent with Petra and Rafael, Jane also decides to attend grad school, which means she'll have to leave Mateo at home and miss a lot of his early milestones. It's one of the toughest decisions a new mother has to make, but she's helped by Xo and Alba, who both faced a similar one when they were new moms. Jane frets and worries over what she'll miss, but ultimately decides that the opportunity to attend grad school is too good to pass up. When she tells Rafael that she's decided to matriculate, he's swept up with emotion and kisses her. Petra snaps the moment on her phone, and she'll undoubtedly share the photo with Michael in the future. Even though Jane decides to do Petra the biggest solid of her life, that doesn't stop Petra from getting some solid blackmail evidence to use against Jane in the future. Speaking of Michael, he continues to make the case for why he should be the number-one contender for Jane's heart this week. His bromance with Rogelio is actually the relationship with the strongest chemistry on the show. The #AmbushSprayTan scene is a major highlight of "Chapter Twenty-Five." Rogelio encourages Michael to go against his natural inclination to share his feelings with Jane by writing down his usual emotional outpourings in a diary. Jane isn't into the newly stoic version of Michael, and it turns out neither is he. The feelings journal he presents to Jane at the end of the week is Oprah-worthy, and Michael also has time to make some headway in the Sin Rostro case. Vulnerability and good police work? Michael's really pulling ahead here, Rafael. Of course, I can't end this recap without mentioning the beautiful baptism scene. The matriarchs in the Villaneuva family all read the same beautiful message to their children on the occasion of their baptism, and let's just say there was not a dry eye in my apartment during that scene. Well done, Jane the Virgin writers. In the end, does everything get decided? The things with deadlines, yes. Those without them, no. Jane technically hasn't chosen between Rafael and Michael yet, although Petra's definitely going to stir the pot next week with that kissing photo. Rogelio doesn't give Luciana the job on The Passions of Santos, so she threatens him with a potentially lurid video from his past, too, as the episode ends on a literal and figurative cliffhanger. Hang on, Rogelio. Things are about to get slippery.

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