The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3: Everything’s Falling Apart

Photo: Gene Page/Courtesy of AMC.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Here's what I've learned about The Walking Dead. If you spend most of the episode waiting for something big to happen, a character you care about is probably going to be in trouble in the final moments. So, even though a couple of people died in the first few minutes, they weren't really characters we knew by name. That meant that approximately 45 minutes into episode three, Glenn died. Tonight we were quickly reminded that a herd of zombies is still making its way toward Alexandria. It was also clear early on that people were going to die in the process of diverting the walkers. It's the unfortunate truth that the people of Alexandria aren't trained to kill zombies. Rick, Michonne, and Glenn are trying to get these amateurs out of the woods — no, seriously, they're in the woods — and back to their community. Rick knows they all won't make it, but he wants to make sure Glenn and Michonne do while he's out trying to find a getaway car. He's all, "If something's in front of you, you kill it," and then he's gone. Michonne, Glenn, and the rest of the group get cornered in a little town. Glenn suggests burning a building filled with dry goods to distract the herd and allow for their escape. But, when he and Nicholas get to the building, they find it has already burned to the ground. Cornered, Glenn and Nicholas climb on top of a dumpster, shooting and stabbing as many walkers as they can. Nicholas can't handle it, though, and faced with the overwhelming amount of zombies, he shoots himself. As he falls, he knocks Glenn onto the ground, where walkers eat him. I always thought that Glenn would end his own life, rather than succumb to walkers. There was something so undignified about the way he went. And, what's worse, is that because he and Nicholas were alone, and because there were so many zombies, it's unclear how the rest of the group will figure out what truly happened to him. Rick finds an RV, and is then attacked by two of those cult members from episode two. He kills them, but finds a jar of baby food in one of their pockets. He knows it must be from Judith. Now that he's shot his gun around, he's alerted some of the zombies to his whereabouts. In the final scene, a large group of walkers are heading towards Rick in his RV — which won't start.

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