No One On This Earth Needs A Foam Roller This Expensive

For those of you with disposable income, we beg of you: Buy all the baby shark tanks and Sharper Image massage chairs you want, but please do not waste your money on this $365 foam roller from "luxury fitness" brand RolPal. First of all, it looks like a rolling pin covered in Riley's sad memories from Inside Out. Second of all, (did we already mention this?) it's $365. If you put aside a dollar a day, it would take you a full year to save up for it.

Of course, foam-rolling is an important part of your fitness routine, and, luckily, most top-rated foam rollers cost between $20 and $45. We'd be more than willing to spend a month or two saving up for a foam roller (if we continue to follow that whole dollar-a-day rule we just conceived). The RolPal, on the other hand, is just ridiculous.

In its report on the roller, the New York Times quotes users as saying that there's "just nothing like it, and nothing goes as deep." We're sure it's life-changing. We're sure it feels just as good as watching $20 burn. We're honestly kind of a mix of horrified and intrigued. So if you happen to take the plunge and make the purchase, please report back.

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