Fans Are Offering Their Kidneys To Lamar Odom

Photo: Rex USA.
The whole world is now privy to the details about Lamar Odom's health. Although the former basketball star's condition has improved, he's not out of the woods, with reports suggesting his kidneys have been badly damaged.

As TMZ notes, some fans are really invested in helping Odom get back on his feet. So invested, in fact, that people are offering up their own kidneys should he require a transplant. It's generous and good-hearted, but also... a little macabre? It's great to see everyone pulling for the athlete, but would they be offering to take part in a transplant if he weren't famous?

Here's a sample tweet offering an organ to Odom.

Should Odom officially need a transplant, we're sure the Kardashian-Jenner family will rally around him and help him find a donor. Bar that, there's always Twitter, we suppose.


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