Attention! A Disney Version Of Netflix Is Coming

Photo: Snap Stills/Rex/REX USA.
Some people have Netflix so they can catch up on Breaking Bad. Some want to binge on Gilmore Girls. But for others, it's all about going full Disney nostalgia on a Sunday morning, enjoying Hercules and wishing they'd add Beauty and the Beast. Well there's going to be even more childhood favorites to choose from soon — as long as you live in the UK. This November, lucky Brits (and later, citizens of other European countries) will be able to subscribe to DisneyLife. For roughly $15 a month the service will provide access to Disney and Pixar films. Right now DisneyLife isn't planning to make the service available stateside. So for now, you might have to settle for whatever Disney gems are on Netflix. Or even better, let your friend know that when you take that trip to London this winter, you already have your in-hotel entertainment all planned out.