iZombie Had An Adorable Homage To Veronica Mars Last Night

Photo: Jack Rowand /The CW.
The Veronica Mars revival has come and gone, but the spirit of the show is living on in iZombie, which features another awesome crime-solving heroine from exec producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Last night, the show gave Veronica Mars fans a tasty treat in the form of a line of dialogue that will be familiar to any Marshmallow.

In the episode, Zombie protagonist Liv (Rose McIver) is going through her closet with a new buddy, Bethany (Jazz Raycole), a personal stylist who — spoiler alert — actually turns out to be the culprit of the week. Bethany, displeased with most of Liv's wardrobe, pulls out a blue dress that meets her swanky standards. "That belongs to someone," Liv says. "A long time ago...we used to be friends."

To some, that's just a throwaway piece of dialogue with some odd syntax. To Veronica Mars fans, it's everything. Why? The line is cribbed from the Veronica Mars theme by The Dandy Warhols. Watch and learn, folks.
The homage is a relevant one too, as Liv's damaged relationships with her friends is a major focus of the episode, which finds our undead protagonist eating the brains and assuming the personality traits of a murdered rich housewife. (See? You should really be watching iZombie.) Liv clings to Bethany after having discovered that her former-roommate Peyton (Aly Michalka) — assumed to be the owner of that aforementioned dress — is back in town and hasn't made any contact. To make matters worse, it's also Liv's birthday, making the pang of loneliness even worse.

Peyton fleed Seattle when she discovered — in gruesome fashion, no less — Liv's zombie secret. Now the put-together lawyer is back to combat the spread of the drug Utopium.

But, there's a happy ending: It seems that Peyton isn't going to shun Liv, despite knowing her true nature. Liv returns home, with a bottle of spicy whisky in hand, to drown her sorrows, only to find that Peyton left a sweet birthday cake in the fridge.

So, while Veronica's old pals ostracized her after her sheriff father was thought to have botched the murder investigation of her best friend, it seems that at least one of Liv's friends is going to be a little less callous.


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