Sex Lives: Trans Lovers Shares Stories Of Cis Men Seeking Trans Women

Though it's been a landmark year for bringing trans issues into the light, we still have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to understanding the unique social and cultural hurdles members of the community face. We've also barely scratched the surface on issues of sex and sexuality among trans and cisgender people. Like, for example, the heterosexual subjects featured in a new documentary about English men who are attracted to and in relationships with trans women. Sex Diaries is a thoughtful, provocative series that dives into the lives — and beds — of ordinary Brits. The series has focused its lens on gigolos, as well as "webcam couples" who broadcast their most intimate moments to the outer corners of the internet. Recently, the program produced an episode titled "Trans Lovers," which delves into the love lives of men who identify as heterosexual and are attracted to trans women who have retained their male genitalia. You can watch the entire fascinating episode below. The 42-minute video is beautifully shot, and takes another step toward a broader understanding of sexuality beyond the black and white.

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