Meet The Season’s Trendiest New Apple Dessert — No, It’s Not Pie!

As soon as the weather starts to cool down, and the leaves begin to change, our newsfeeds and Instagram reels are filled with nonstop images of mouthwatering apple and pumpkin recipes. Not that we’re complaining or anything — we get swept up in the seasonal mania, too. While we usually see a mix of pies, tarts, galettes, crisps, crumbles, and muffins, this year there’s a NEW trendy apple dessert in town. Not only is it way easier than baking a pie (who has time for that?!), but it’s also based on one of our all-time favorite potato recipes. Yes, Hasselback apples might just be this year’s trendiest fall treat. It all started back in August when Cooking Light featured the above recipe. Since then, we’ve been seeing Hasselback apples everywhere from blogs to food sites to social media. We’re even being encouraged to Hasselback pears and veggies. We’re obsessed with the latest fall fruit trend because its super easy to pull off. You’re basically making simple mini apple crisps that are way more visually stunning. Plus, the buttery, sugary, cinnamon-y part seeps down into every nook and cranny of the apple. Welp, we definitely know how we’re treating ourselves tonight.