This T-Shirt Explains How Kelsey Grammer Really Feels About Abortion

Kelsey Grammer didn't need to tell the world how he felt about abortion, he just wore this anti-abortion T-shirt. Grammer's wife Kayte posted the following photo to Instagram, which features the actor wearing a shirt made by Abort73, a website, that as Jezebel points out, claims to "educate and protect children from abortion." The $15 T-shirt, which features a handgun, reads, "Would It Bother Us More If They Used Guns?,” basically implying that the world is more upset about gun violence than abortion.
It's certainly not the first time people have compared abortion rights to gun rights, though as a Think Progress piece from 2014 explains, the comparison may be apples to oranges. In the period between 2011 and 2013, states enacted more anti-abortion laws than during the entire previous decade, while it has actually gotten easier to carry a gun. Nearly every state has enacted a new gun law since the Sandy Hook massacre, but the majority of those new laws loosened gun restrictions, according to the New York Times. Grammer's anti-abortion stance, which comes as Planned Parenthood fights for government funding, is perhaps not surprising, as the actor has always been very open about his conservative views, even telling New York Magazine in 2010 that he was a "fervent conservative." However, in the interview, Grammer identified as pro-choice, though said he did not "advocate for abortion."

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