Chelsea Clinton & Ivanka Trump Are BFFs, No Matter Who Wins The 2016 Election

Photo: REX USA
No matter who wins the 2016 presidential election, both Clinton and Trump will stay friends. At least Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump will. In an interview with Extra, Clinton said she and Trump's friendship is more important than their parents' politics. Pun very much intended. "I love Ivanka, and I think friendship always trumps politics," she said. "And that's how it should be." While her mom Hillary and Trump's dad Donald may be throwing blows at one another, the 35-year-old Clinton says their rivalry hasn't had any effect on the two women's friendship, which has strengthened over the years. And she doesn't foresee it hindering their bond in the future. "I'm friends with Ivanka for Ivanka," she explained. "Not for her parents or any other part of her life." As for her mom Hillary's impression of The Donald on Saturday Night Live, Clinton said, "I thought it was fantastic; I think my mom is hilarious. "That’s what makes me so grateful about that moment,” Clinton added. “More people now are seeing she is really funny and I’ve known that my whole life.” Watch Chelsea Clinton talk about why she's an even bigger supporter of her mother since becoming a mom herself, below.

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