Hillary Clinton Laughs At Herself & Donald Trump On SNL

Maybe Hillary Clinton's appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live was supposed to be a surprise, but the fact that the New York Times spoiled it earlier this week didn't ruin the intended effect. The Democratic presidential front-runner did her part to show she's got a sense of humor about herself. As Kate McKinnon impersonated Clinton "blowing off some steam" at a bar with a "scalding hot vodka," the former senator played bartender Val. (The episode's host, Miley Cyrus was in the scene briefly as a Republican voter.) "I'm just an ordinary citizen who believes the Keystone Pipeline will destroy our environment," Clinton said. McKinnon's Clinton responded, "I agree with you there, though it did take me a long time to decide that. But I am against it." The skit continued with minor jabs like that at Clinton's hesitation to voice her opinion on issues, her determination to be president, and the public's perception that she's difficult to speak to. Clinton smiled and shook her head knowingly at each joke. The highlight, however, was a brief instance where she did a bit of a Donald Trump impression. "Donald Trump? Isn't he one that's like, 'Uh, you're all losers?!" she said, slightly affecting the Donald's New York accent. This was Clinton's second appearance on the show. The first was during the 2008 primaries, when she faced Amy Poehler as her doppleganger.

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