The Squatty Potty Wants To Help You Poop Like A Unicorn

What is a Squatty Potty, you might ask? Well, it's a footstool that you store beneath your toilet and use to help your digestive system — obviously! And, if you haven't seen the company's viral advertisement before, by all means, press play below.
Although we know almost three minutes is really a long time to spend watching an ad, we applaud the comedic geniuses behind this one. We've already noticed this style of weirdly sensationalist advertising in Old Spice and Skittles commercials. And now, a Renaissance Faire bard-prince stands next to a unicorn sitting on a porcelain throne, illustrating the benefits of using said squatty potty. Did you know it prevents hemorrhoids, bloating, and constipation? What will they think of next? We're not sure how you will explain this addition to house guests who ask why there is a stepping stool next to your toilet. But, for $25, it's worth a try?

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