Matt Bomer Discusses Onscreen Sex With Lady Gaga & American Horror Story: Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel premiered last night to generally mixed (and horrified) reviews. But Matt Bomer's bottom seems to be polling pretty well — along with Lady Gaga's performance as The Countess. Bomer and Gaga, who the actor calls by her legal name, Stefani, get it on with another couple, before the foursome takes a murderous turn. (Check out our complete recap of the episode here.) And, while the stabby stuff is exceptionally graphic, the sexy time stuff isn't holding back either. Bomer went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss what it's like getting that up close and personal with American pop royalty. "Yeah, I think you see more of me in the first episode of this than you see in the first two Magic Mikes combined," he admitted. Ellen probed him about what it was really like to get naked with his high profile co-star, and he turned that one into a joke, too. "You’ve never been naked with Lady Gaga?" Bomber quipped. He explained that they spent time together prior to filming, so they could get comfortable onscreen. "She had us over to her house before we started to work together, so that by the time that I was wearing nothing but a sock with her, we could just focus on the scene," he added. Find out what else Bomer had to say about working (naked) alongside Gaga in the video below.

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