Taylor Swift Wants Us To Listen To These Songs, Right Now

We never thought we'd say this, but here goes: We'd be happy to let Taylor Swift DJ our next party.

Though the lineup of guest stars on the pop star's 1989 Wold Tour suggests a preference for pretty mainstream, Top 40 tunes, the playlist she just shared on social media demonstrates she's also hip to more obscure music that is pretty solid. In other words, she's not just rocking out to Nelly every night.

Because she's just about the last person on Earth who would simply build a playlist on Spotify (ahem) like everyone else, Swift jotted down her song picks in a journal. Incidentally, the playlist is called "New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome (I Promise!)." So click-baity, that one.


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In case you can't make out the singer's handwriting, here's the list in full:

"No Words," Erik Hassle
"Mine," Phoebe Ryan
"Poetic," Seinabo Sey
"How I Want Ya," Hudson Thames featuring Hailee Steinfeld*
"New Obsession," Frankie
"Alive," Kehlani featuring Coucheron
"I'm Yours," Alessia Cara
"Sleep on It," Emmi (Watch the typos, Tay.)
"Return to the Moon," El Vy
"Swords," M.I.A.
"It's Strange," Louis The Child featuring K.Flay
*Squad member

There you have it. Whether or not any of these artists make it onto Swift's stage (M.I.A.??) remains to be seen, but she's sure made a lot of people happy.


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