Zendaya Just Said The Most Inspiring Thing About Being “Ugly”

Zendaya is no stranger to dropping inspiring wisdom bombs. Over the summer, the actress and up-and-coming fashion icon spoke out about the dangers of cultural appropriation and really nailed it. And just over a month ago, she triumphed again, directly — and brilliantly — addressing online haters who made disparaging, hurtful comments about her parents. This week, she's at it again. On her way from Los Angeles to Paris Fashion Week, Zendaya was captured walking through the airport by paparazzi, looking relaxed and casual. After asking her to say hi to her fans, one photographer asked if she had anything to say to the "insecure women out there," girls who are feeling "ugly and stuff." Zendaya grimaced. "Nobody's ugly. That doesn't exist," she responded. "I say take the time to get to know who you are. Take the time to love yourself, and everything will be alright." Then she ignored what seemed to be an offensive question about offering Caitlyn Jenner beauty tips, said thank you, and walked on by. Watch the full interaction in the video below.

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