Jennifer Aniston Is Horrified By How Common Folk Fly In New Emirates Airline Commercial

Stars: They're just like us! Sometimes, they need to get to a destination, just like us. And sometimes, they get there by taking a plane, just like us. And when they're on said plane, they take luxurious showers and sip fancy cocktails, just like us. Wait, what? In the new ad for Emirates Airlines, featuring spokesperson Jennifer Aniston, anything less than a flight with a fully-stocked bar and functional shower should make you faint. (Hey, most of us would just settle for some more legroom, better movie choices, and a seat mate who understands that silence is golden.) In the clip, Aniston emerges from a tiny airplane bathroom in a robe. She asks the flight attendants where the shower is, which in no way baffles them; rather, it makes them laugh with delight that the only thing they have to offer the actress is some lousy peanuts and a hot towel. The horror. THE HORROR. Thankfully, it's all just a dream (phew) and Aniston awakes from her class-system nightmare to discover she's resting comfortably in the ritzy Emirates Airline plane, complete with private sleeping areas, a bar, and that shower she seems hell-bent on taking while 30,000 feet in the air. Look, we know Jennifer Aniston is, like, crazy wealthy, and there's no denying that. There's also no denying that the rich and famous can sometimes do things, like fly in a fancy-ass airplane, that the rest of us could never contemplate. It's certainly more believable that Aniston would fly super-duper first-class rather than say, in coach (where there's much more of a sense of community). Still, we can kiss that Friend-next-door image goodbye now that poor Rachel can't fathom the thought of being cramped in a no-frills airliner just like the rest of us common folk. Watch Aniston's Emirates Airlines commercial, in which she channels her inner Jill Green, below. Rachel would be so disappointed.

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